Teethy Phoenix

Who I am and what I am all about!

I'm just another person on this planet. I make and develop websites for people and small organizations. I'm a huge gamer and play all sorts of games from casual to not-so-casual.

I spend a lot of time with my friends creating and managing The Phoenix. A Minecraft server we collectively built as a highschool pass time. It grew into a larger hobby and some of us consider it a non-profit gaming organization. When it comes to things I've made, that server is definitely my proudest achievement.


Being young as I am, there isn't anything particularly special about my skill set. I can code in HTML5 and CSS3 somewhat proficiently and have above average language skills in English. I have a bit less than intermidate skills in the French language.

I'm quick to pick up on controls and mechanics of gameplay in video games, but that's not unusual for a life long gamer.

I've been playing with web code since I was introduced to it in highschool in 2010. I felt a spark that had me compelled to write up web code for a hobby. Someday I hope to do this professionally.


Teethy.ca along with Phoenixnetwork.ca are a couple of current projects and examples of what I can do. Sadly some previous work has been lost to time.

The Phoenix

On ongoing and constantly changing website. I've worked on this one for a number of years now. This site was made for the Minecraft server I help run. One of my personal favourite projects.

Contacts, Social Media & Other Links

You can find me on several social media sites and send me an email.

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Vexilia (Nation States)
Minecraft World Download - RealmWorld.zip (123.5 MB)

Links I like

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